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Use of the information contained on the FROB website

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Information quality

While FROB will make the necessary efforts to prevent errors and, as the case may be, repair or update them as soon as possible, it cannot guarantee that such errors do not exist or that the content of the information is permanently up-to-date. At any event, the texts offered on the Portal are purely informative, i.e., they have no legal validity. For legal purposes, the texts published in the official gazettes and journals should be consulted.

In the Electronic Office, FROB will guarantee, in accordance with applicable legislation, the integrity, veracity and updating of the information and services provided.

FROB reserves the right to make changes to its Portal and Electronic Office without prior notice, in order to update, correct, modify, add or delete its contents or design, with the aim of improving the service offered through the Internet.

Information availability

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Intellectual property

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